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Who, Why,What and Where of Soni


Soni Motors is a owned and operated by the Quraishi Family which is the Asia's First Family of Automotive Exporting and has dominated Asian automotive world due to its honesty, integrity, professionalism, leadership through example and its reputation for customer service and for offering quality vehicles at rock bottom prices.

The Patriarch of the Family, M. A. Quraishi was the first non-Japanese Asian to import vehicles in 1905. He made history again when he translated his passion for automobiles into a business and created Asia's first automotive dealership in 1911. Soni Motors as continuation of the Quraishi Motors established by him is now 100 years old and celebrated our Centenary in March of 2011 with great humility and respect. Our Founding Father M. A. Quraishi made unique contributions to Asian automotive industry by and after starting Asia's First Automotive dealership.

Soni Motors is headed by Jim Quraishi. Jim Quraishi has over 32 years of rich management experience with some of world's leading organizations as Ziff, Hearst, Disney and Gruner+Jahr. He was one of the pioneers of Internet Revolution and has brought his executive management experience to Soni Motors. Read more about our executives in Executives section.


With our financial standing and our expertise each of us could have been in a different field and some of us were indeed in other fields but the lure of realizing the Vision of our Patriarch has proved irresistible to generation after generations of Quraishis. His passion for providing the highest quality vehicles at lowest possible prices with top notch service, honesty, integrity and professionalism has infiltrated the gene pool and like Salmons driven to spawn in their ancestral rivulet, Quraishis keep returning to lead automotive industry in Asia and making our Patriarch's memory proud. That is the least we can do after what he did for the industry single-handedly and against all kinds of odds.

In the crowded world of auto exporting field Jim companies stand alone. Together Soni Group of Companies and Jim Group of Companies have claimed 80% of auto exporting share in Thailand, and lion share in Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Dubai UAE and New Zealand because of their commitment to great prices, great quality, great service, quick delivery, honesty, integrity and professionalism. Over 80% of our business is repeat and referral business. Our cadre of lifelong customers not only keep returning to us they also trust us enough to recommend us to their friends, families, peers, neighbors and acquaintances.


We are Thailand's, Dubai's, Australia's, Dubai UAE's, Japan's, Singapore's, United States' and United Kingdom's most trusted automobile dealership group, Thailand's first multi-brand dealership group and its oldest and largest automobile exporter. We are Thailand's only automobile exporter who actually has any auto experience and the only one who has gained the coveted membership in Thailand Chamber of Commerce. We sell not only pickup trucks and SUVs as Toyota Hilux Vigo, Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Toyota Fortuner and Nissan Navara but also Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado, Isuzu Dmax, Isuzu MU-7, Honda CR-V, Mazda Bt-50, Toyota Avanza, and a range of quality Thailand assembled Japanese and American vehicles including heavy-duty trucks as Mitsubishi Fuso as well as Honda, Suzuki motorbikes.


Our headquarters is in Thailand and it is in Thailand made quality Japanese and American vehicles that our specialization lies. Our particular expertise is 4x4 pickups and 4x4 SUVs. We have branches in Singapore, United Kingdom and Dubai, a small outfit in Japan, and a presence in New Zealand, United States and Canada. We are a Virtual Corporation so we are represented in almost every market through our sister companies (affiliates of our parent Bloomstar), Platinum Partners, Gold Partners and Exclusive Distributors.

Soni Motors is a part of The Soni Group of Companies along with Jim Thailand Toyota Hilux Revo Vigo Exporter, and Jim Australia RHD Toyota Prado Kakadu Land Cruiser Lexus Exporter as well as Jim Dubai LHD Toyota Prado Land Cruiser Lexus Exporter.


less is more In a nutshell, we're Asia's top automotive exporter with world's largest 4x4 showroom in Thailand with offices in Singapore, Japan and South Asia and representation in most world capitals. We are also world's top motoring Virtual Organization (VO) where an email to us connects our customer to our inter-network of subsidiaries, branches, affiliates, sister companies, Gold Partners and strategic allies.

We may be recognized the world over as Asia's top automotive e-business, but we prefer to define ourselves by our outlook and attitude. Soni Motors is all about making it happen. We do all in our power to make it work for our customers. We are fired up with passion for what we do. We have the nous, the attitude and the get-up-and-go to provide our customers the highest standard vehicles at the cheapest prices in the world in the fastest time possible. We don't just hear, we listen. We build rapport because we are not here for a single deal but to turn each random encounter into a lifelong relationship.

Our great grandfather had a dream in the early days of 20th century that he realized and passed it on to his succeeding generations and we continue to build on this dream in the 21st century. It is a combination of continuity and innovation that has turned Soni Motors from its modest beginning as British Asia's first dealership into a multi-national juggernaut. We work very hard, but at the same time, we make sure that we all have a good time getting there. We're never easy on ourselves, but we have an easy way with our customers.

We are not only world's largest exporter of 4x2 and 4x4 vehicles but also of motorcycles (motorbikes) from Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. In addition to 4x2 pickups, 4x4 pickups, 4x4 SUVs and motorbikes we also export heavy duty trucks from 3 tons to 45 tons. We specialize in export of Mitsubishi Fuso.


Thailand's, Dubai's, Singapore's, United Kingdom's and Japan's Premier Automobile Exporter

about Soni MotorsThailand has emerged as the "Detroit of the East" and as world's capital of lowest priced highest quality diesel 4z2 and 4x4  pickups and SUVs. Soni Motors as Thailand's oldest and largest automobile exporter is the new "in" spot for inexpensive Thai auto imports. Dealers, corporations, governments, embassies, militaries and NGOs all over the world are flocking to the Soni Group and its websites to enjoy the low prices and high quality of Thailand-made Japanese and American cars, pickups and SUVs. They are also able to leverage our presence in all automotive hubs as Dubai, Singapore, Japan and South Asia by consolidating all their automotive purchasing under one roof with one reliable vendor.

We have been in the automotive business since 1911 and have a rich history of consistently delivering greatest quality trucks, cars, motorcycles and their spare parts and accessories at the cheapest prices in the world on-time and always beyond expectations. It is therefore no surprise that the vast majority of our work comes from our past clients and word of mouth recommendations from past clients.

Steeped in tradition, inspired by innovation and fired up with passion, each generation of the Quraishi Family writes a new chapter of excellence and customer service. As the First Family of Asian Automotive Industry, we have always been expected to show the way and provide leadership to the industry and have done so with humility and thankfulness.

When Soni following in the footsteps of his forefathers opened the doors of his first showroom in 1982, he had a vision of extending our leadership  in South West Asia to South East Asia through honesty, customer service, high quality and low prices. Little did anyone expect that his passion for cars and enthusiasm and commitment to customer service would create a worldwide automotive powerhouse that will create Asia's largest and most exciting automotive group that will set the standard for the industry to follow in not only Southern Asia but all over the world.

Soni Motors is a dynamic multi-national company with a hard-earned reputation for offering best prices and availability with highest quality and service in the world. No automotive exporter can match our prices, availability, service, speed and quality. But we've never rested on our laurels and continue to introduce new ideas and innovative practices to serve our customers better.


"Soni Motors is your one stop shop for Thai, Japanese, Singaporean, British and Middle East local version vehicles."

The Soni Group has been growing since its inception in 1911 but its growth during the past 10 years has been an unprecedented 500%. This phenomenal growth has worked for the advantage of our dealer, corporate, NGO and project customers. They can now do all their shopping with us; whether they need Right Hand Drive, Original Left Hand Drive, converted LHD vehicles or motorcycles they know they cannot go wrong with Soni Motors. They get superior customer service, lowest prices, superior product, professionalism and integrity. All the world's vehicles are now just a phone call or email away.

If you are in auto exporting scene, you cannot NOT be in Dubai. It is THE place to be in. Dubai is the motoring hub for Asia, Africa and Europe and Soni Motors did Dubai the way it does every market it enters: it came, it saw and it conquered. Soni Motors Dubai became Dubai's leading automotive importer-cum-exporter of Japanese, Singaporean and Thai vehicles and spare parts and accessories and was exporting not only Right Hand Drive vehicles but also Left Hand Drive vehicles to corporations, dealerships, NGOs, governments and project bidders. Some of our exclusive distributors, wholesalers and Partners felt that some of this spectacular success was at their expense and some of their long-standing clients were going direct with us. To avoid perceived conflict of interest, we have closed our doors to retail customers and are now only serving other Soni and Bloomstar subsidiaries and affiliates and our distributors and wholesalers.

Soni Motors Singapore had created a sense of excitement in Singaporean export market by giving our customers access to not only Singaporean quality used vehicles at the lowest price in town but also quality Thai and Japanese vehicles. Customers for Thai and Japanese vehicles were spared a trip to Thailand and Japan, they could mix and match Thai, Japanese and Singaporean vehicles in a 40 feet high cube containers and save on freight charges as Singapore freight rates are cheaper than many Asian ports. Besides our existing customers, Soni Motors Singapore allowed dealers who visit Singapore's Vehicle Free Trade Zone access to new and used Thai vehicles in addition to the Singaporean vehicles in our premises. An email to gives you access to all of our offices in all the countries.

Likewise Jim Autos United Kingdom is England United Kingdom's leading exporter of new and used British vehicles of all kinds.

If you are interested in buying or importing the finest high quality new or pre-owned vehicles at cheapest price in the world, Soni Motors and Bloomstar are your best options no matter what part of the world you are in and no matter if you want Thai, Japanese, Singaporean or Middle Eastern vehicles. No one offers you the convenience and availability with the low price and high quality guarantee and Soni Motors legendary service.

save time and money by importing from world's largest exporter of 4x4 vehiclesWe also increase the velocity of your money by delivering your vehicle in the shortest possible time. You can therefore turnover your capital two or three times more in a year than you would with other vendors. Convenience of dealing with just one vendor for all your international vehicle needs saves you overall time and ability to buy all needed spare parts and accessories from us as well adds further to the velocity of your money.

Soni Motors Thailand was formed in the Spring of 1982 and is a jewel in the crown of Bloomstar Automotive Group International which is an international group of Companies (formed in 1911 and again in 1930 as Quraishi Motors - see Soni Glorious History and its Promising Future - largest Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Exporter, Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco Thailand Export, Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi L200 Triton exporter) with core businesses in motoring and related activities.

If you are a fan of Thai food, try our Thai recipes page which is still incomplete and only has a few recipes but I promise to update it more frequently if there is any interest.

Bloomstar - Asia's premier motoring group - stands behind Soni's commitment to honesty and total customer satisfaction. Soni and Bloomstar are owned by Quraishis who have excelled in automotive business for the past 100 years. Bloomstar is engaged in a number of others businesses besides auto exporting.

We are the largest exporter of Thai made quality cars, pickups, tractors and SUVs and among the Top Ten exporters of Singaporean, Japanese and Dubai local LHD vehicles. We take pride in offering top selection and highest quality vehicles. You and your customers will be jumping for joy at acquiring these vehicles.

We are a part of many success stories where a dealer in a particular country was able to acquire his Thai, Singaporean and Japanese vehicles substantially cheaper than other dealers in his country and moved from success to success by passing these savings onto his customers.

Toyota Hilux Vigo is Thailand's most successful auto export. We are Hilux Vigo experts and we have exported more Thailand Hilux Vigos to more countries than even Toyota. We are also exporting Mitsubishi Triton/ Strada L200, Isuzu DMax, Chevrolet Colorado, Nissan Frontier, Nissan Navara, Mazda BT-50/Fighter, Ford Ranger and Toyota Fortuner among others worldwide. We are also the leading provider of genuine and top quality third party spare parts and accessories to spare parts wholesalers and dealerships.

We supply individual vehicles and fleets to individuals, dealers, corporations, NGOs, IGOs and leasing companies at cheapest prices in the world in the shortest possible time from our showrooms in Thailand, Singapore and Dubai and our offices in Japan and Karachi.

Soni has a long established reputation for Professionalism, Integrity, First class Customer Service , Shortest Delivery and Competitive Pricing not just in Asia, not just in Africa, not just in Americas, not just in Europe, not just in Australasia, not just in the Pacific but all over the Green Planet. Let us prove it to you today!

Mr. Jim and Mr. Soni are men of vision and have redefined Asian automotive landscape while making Soni Motors' name synonymous with superior customer service, uncompromising integrity, matchless professionalism, rockbottom prices, high quality, prompt delivery and ceaseless innovation. We are proud of our success today and are committed to upholding the lofty principles enunciated by our great grandfather at the time of our founding in 1911.




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