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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Soni

Why are our vehicles so inexpensive?

Soni Motors Thailand and its parent company Soni Group of Companies take great pride in the fact that we are able to purchase and deliver vehicles at rates far below those of our competitors. We are able to acquire vehicles, parts and accessories at the lowest price in town because we are the oldest and largest auto exporter. Since we account for 80% of Thailand vehicles export, our suppliers can supply to us at the lowest price and still make money in volume. Since we have a 100 years old commitment to give our customers the lowest price and best quality, best selection, best customer service and best delivery, we choose to shift the achieved savings to our customers. Our philosophy is that if our customers succeed, we will also succeed. We see our growth in their growth. We believe in lifelong customers and our standard of service and attention to detail are unrivalled in Asian automotive scene.

We guarantee we can beat any genuine quotation from any serious vendor.

If I order today, when will I receive the vehicles

We can work to meet your deadlines however, generally speaking, we can purchase your vehicle, install your chosen accessories,  take the vehicle through registration and deregistration, do all the necessary export paperwork and deliver the cars in prestige condition to port usually within 4 to 10 working days provided the vehicle you have chosen is not in short supply. You will then receive your vehicles as soon as the shipping vessel arrives at your destination. For example, it usually takes 30 days for a ship to sail to Durban in South Africa.

Can I buy a car as a private car buyer?

Yes, but we don't know the laws of your country regarding this. We cannot offer advice on the method you use to acquire a car or introduce you to a car dealer. Depending on the country, you may not be able to import some car models. You need to check your country's registration laws, import taxes and customs duties before you begin the purchasing process.

Do you give any warranty for the vehicles?

Car manufacturers offer warranties on new vehicles in Thailand but this warranty expires as soon as the vehicle departs the port. Local branches of the manufacturer sometime choose to honor the warranty offered but in most cases they don't.

We offer no additional warranty on either the new vehicle or the used vehicle. In some countries, third party warranties can be purchased. You also have the option of importing most used parts as filters along with your vehicles to be ready for regular upkeep of the vehicle.

When we sell used vehicles, we only buy top quality accident-free vehicles with low mileage. We also disclose any interior/exterior damage, the distance the car has been driven, etc. We report this information in accordance so you can understand the condition of the car you are buying.

Why should I do business with you?

Last year we did a survey of our most loyal customers and discovered the Top Twenty Reasons why our customers prefer us over our competition. Please click on them to get to our Top Twenty Reasons page for more detailed info:

  1. read more Experience Counts! As Asia's Oldest Dealership we are energized by a sense of our unique history and mission -Serving customers since 1911  
  2. read more The most Trusted Name in Auto Exporting. Thailand's Most Trusted Dealership. Established in Thailand in 1981 as Thailand's first multi-brand dealership. Became Thailand's first auto exporter
  3. read more In-depth Auto Industry Experience! Only Thai Auto Exporter with Auto Industry Experience and vehicle expertise in general and 4x4 expertise in particular
  4. read more Seal of Approval! Only Thai Auto Exporter Registered with the Thailand Chamber of Commerce Thailand Chamber of Commerce has a strict criteria that all of its members must pass and only genuine companies with decades of experience can pass muster
  5. read more Family-Owned and Family-Operated since 1911. Most of our competitors are owned by investors while Soni is owned by a family of enthusiasts so we are able to deliver a higher quality, performance and service at a lower cost because customer success is more important to us than a bad quarter here and there
  6. read more Diversity of Customers. Serving Individuals, non-profit organizations, NGOs, governments, militaries, defence establishments, small businesses, farming cooperatives, large corporations, distributors and dealerships all over the world
  7. read more Diversity of Markets. Exporting to over 100 countries and know unique requirements of each market. We sell both new and used Right Hand Drive vehicles from Thailand, Japan and Singapore and new Left Hand Drive vehicles from Thailand and Dubai
  8. read more Value for your money through Economy of Scale! Our High Volume Factory Direct Purchasing allows us to save money on our purchasing and pass savings to our customers
  9. read more Freshness counts! We sell fresh stock of vehicles of latest months and we never sell demo or test vehicles as new. Since we purchase in vast quantities and our sell-through is so fast that none sit in our showrooms for long
  10. read more Quick Delivery is money in your bank! We ship vehicles faster than all our competitors. With our connections in the industry, our capital, our bulk purchasing agreements and our 98 years experience we get first preference from manufacturers
  11.  read more Soni is Dependable! With Soni Motors, you remain in control of the process from the first email to the landing of vehicle on your doorstep
  12. read more Rock of Stability: Our financial and workforce stability and our impeccable 100 years track record has allowed us to grow with our customers
  13. read moreLong-term price competitiveness: We offer lowest overall prices all through the years. We won't bait and switch or bundle lower quality products to make one-time sale. We want a lifelong relationship with our customers
  14. read more We deliver on our commitments: We under-promise and over-deliver and we always fulfill our promises. We deal with you the same way before you send the money and after you have send the money and in good times and in times of shortages
  15. read more We give you choices: We offer whole range of highest quality vehicles, parts and accessories from Thailand, Dubai, Japan and Singapore
  16. read more Customer Delight: Customer Service was a top priority for our great-grandfather at the time of our founding and remains our cherished goal today
  17. read more Best Quality and Best Selection. We seek quality in our people, Quality in our processes, Quality in our services, quality in our vehicles and quality in our products
  18. read more Thailand's most successful e-Business: We are not only Thailand's largest auto exporter, we are also Thailand's largest and most profitable e-Business
  19. read more Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Professionalism are our core values since the time of our founding
  20. read moreSoni Motors is your one-stop solution for all your automotive needs thanks to our presence in all automotive hubs

Ordering Questions

Why do you not have an online ordering system like Japanese dealers?

comparing Japanese dealers with Thai dealers is like comparing apples with orangesComparing automotive markets in Japan and Thailand is like comparing apples and oranges. In Japan hundred of thousands of vehicles arrive in market every month and are sold by necessity through automated auctions. Japanese dealers can connect their systems to these system and update their inventory automatically and software system integrators have built front ends which can be implemented on each dealer's website with great ease.

In Thailand the pool of available vehicles is tiny and only 15% of the vehicles go through the cumbersome auction process. Since Thailand is the only source for Diesel vehicles and supply is limited our strategies are different than what they are in Japan where supply seems unlimited and hundred of thousands of vehicles are available every month. Since supply is so plentiful Japanese exporters make the vehicles in auction available in their database and allow customers to buy them in an automated way. Since this is not possible in Thailand and vehicles must be purchased from the consumers all over Thailand one by one buying from Soni provides unique advantage. We have a network of buyers with automotive experience in over 100 locations in Thailand. Soni had setup this network over 30 years ago and our buyers have network of contacts that allows them to purchase at the lowest price in town. Our setup also allows us to keep the highest inventory all year round. Other exporters are forced to purchase vehicles from us. Our streamlined and efficient supply chain is one of the reason why we account for 80% to 90% of used car and 4x4 exports from Thailand and 75% of brand new car and 4x4 exports from Thailand. Other reasons are our honesty, integrity, professionalism, customer service, our lowest prices and last but not at least hundred of thousands of satisfied customers in over 100 countries of the world.

You can check database of our current inventory at A caveat though is that our sell-through is so fast that vehicles don't last long. No worry though, if a particular vehicle you like in the database is sold out, we can find out a similar vehicle pretty quickly.

Pricing and Payment Questions

How to make payment?

We accept only bank-to-bank-wire-transfer also known as Telegraphic Transfer (T/T). We do not accept any payment by credit card, L/C and other mode. So please make wire transfer only in our bank account. Please note that all bank transfer charges on both ends should be paid by the customer.

Do you deal with foreign currencies?

We prefer US Dollar but we can accept Euro and UK pound as well.

Do you accept L/C?

No. Currently, we accept payment only by T/T. In the future we remain open to the possiblity of confirmed irrevocable LC when required by law in a particular country.

What are your payment terms?

Payments must be made in either US dollar or any other agreed upon currency by Telegraphic Transfer. Payments must reach our bank within 7 calendar days from the INVOICE date. If not, your order will be automatically canceled. If there is any change in baht/dollar exchange rate after the 7 day period we will re-issue Performa invoice in accordance with the new exchange rate.

Do you offer credit?

No, we do not. Your car will be shipped after receipt of your full payment is confirmed by our bank. We also don't accept credit cards or checks.

What does your quoted price include?

Generally we give you ex-showroom Bangkok price of the vehicle. This includes registration, deregistration and other documentation expenses. We also give you shipping charges to your port. This charge also includes custom dues, export taxes, port fees, container lashing and other such charges. In case you are choosing your own shipping we will be glad to separate this expense. Please note that the charges do not include custom clearance and other expenses on your port, those charges are your responsibility

What about inspection?

If your country requires inspection we will be glad to get that inspection done by the authorized body. We will charge you what they charge us

What is the total cost of the vehicle?

Total cost of the vehicle includes the following:

Cost of the Vehicle

  1. Ex-showroom cost of the vehicle
  2. Cost of accessories you have chosen
  3. Inspection costs if your country requires it

+ Shipping and handling charges

  1. Local Handling, Port fees, Leashing charges
  2. Shipping charges to your port

+ Charges in your Country

  1. Wharfage charges
  2. Import Duty
  3. Clearing Cost
  4. Inland Transport fee
  5. VAT and other taxes

Shipping Questions

How much is shipping charge?

Ever since the Oil prices hit the stratosphere and came back, the shipping charges have been in state of turmoil so we must get a fresh quote every few weeks to update our records. We will be glad to give you a shipping quote on your first inquiry and on our Official Invoice.

 Can I insure my shipment ?

Insurance is not included in the cost of shipping, but if you inform us of your wish to insure your shipment during the order process, we can get insurance for you at an extra charge.

How long it will take to reach car?

It may take about 3 to 5 weeks after car leaves Thai port depending on the destination. We will generally give you quotes from at least two shipping companies. Some companies charge a lower freight but take longer to reach your port.

What documents we will receive?

We will send following documents via Express Mail or Courier:

  1. Bill of Lading (B/L)
  2. Commerical Invoice
  3. De-registration certificate ( Thai & English translated copy)

BL and Customs Clearance Questions

Why do you need my complete address for the Bill of Lading?

Please note that US Homeland Security had mandated that any vehicle heading to the Caribbean must have complete street address. A vehicle cannot be delivered to a PO number. South Africa has also imposed the same restriction, other countries are also encouraging this.

I am not living in my country at the moment, which address do I indicate?

Please enter the address where the vehicle will be imported.

For example, if you live in the U.K. but wish to import the vehicle into Zimbabwe, then enter the address in Zimbabwe.

Ensure that your street address is correct when you email it to us since this will be the address used on all shipping documentation.

For Caribbean clients and clients importing vehicles through Durban port:. Please note that your PO Box address alone will not suffice. A street address is required in accordance with U.S. Government's Department of Homeland Security for the Caribbean clients, and the South African Government for vehicles being imported via Durban port.

What other charges I can incur?

Please check with your Customs clearance agent about these charges:

  • Cost of Wharfage charges
  • Local duty for clearing
  • Inland transport fee (if necessary)
  • other charges if applicable (e.g. inspection fee etc....)

What documents do I need to clear the vehicle?

Your Customs Clearance company should be able to tell you exaclty what you need. Generally you would need Bill of Lading and Commercial Invoice but it is best to check with the clearing agent

How long does shipment takes?

We give you transit time to your port but the total shipment depends on relative availability of the vehicle, when your payement is received and the frequency with which shipping companies sail to your port and whether the ship sails directly to your port or makes a transit at an interim port. We will inform you when your payement is received and the current availability delay if the vehicle is not in stock. There are plenty of shipment options if you are in Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, Caribbean, Asia and Europe.

Is the final arrival date final?

Please check with your clearance agent a week before vehicle's arrival to get them in action and to make sure that the ship will indeed arrive as promised

What information is required for shipment?

There are three different information required to confirm shipment of your vehicle.

  • Consignee Address Information of the person, shown on the shipping documents. This is the person who receive the vehicle.
  • Courier Address Where shipping document will be sent
  • Notify Party Contact person at the port of delivery. This is your clearing agent in most cases. Please give us this information only if you wish another person other than the Consignee to be informed about shipping schedule

Do I need to get a clearing agent?

Please consult with your local clearing agent as soon as you found a car from our website. They will quote you extra cost after landing at the port, and also give you all the instructions to register in your country

When will I receive the vehicle?

Contact your clearing agent and confirm the exact arrival date of the vessel and the ideal pick up date. Demurrage charges may apply if you are unable to pick up the vehicle in time.


Email us with your questions at and we will be glad to add these to this page.


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